Things to do

Jangamo Beach Villas offers a wide range of activities to keep you occupied.

Scuba Diving

Jangamo Beach Villas is located in a region described by scuba diving aficionados as one of the top 10 diving destinations in the world. Beneath the crystal clear warm tropical waters are diving sites including Manta Reef, Coral Gardens, Anglers Alley, Paindane Express, Jangamo Reef, Kingfish Reef, Manta Point, Island Rock and the Canyon. These offer numerous breath taking diving opportunities for the
novice and advanced diver alike. 

The reefs largely protected and not overcrowded and few other dive sites can boast such frequent sightings of graceful Manta Ray or giant Whale sharks, never mind the myriad of game and colourful fish and other marine invertebrates. 

Swimming and Snorkelling 

The resort sits atop sand dunes overlooking Jangamo beach which offers swimming and snorkelling opportunities in the warm, crystal clear waters of Jangamo Bay. Life guards are on duty at Jangamo Beach in peak tourist seasons. 


The warm tropical waters off eastern Mozambique offer the fisherman a chance to reel in that prize fish. 

Whale Watching 

Whale watching tours is a popular pastime in the region offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these gentle giants up close. 


Catamaran sailing cruises around the bay is a wonderful way to explore the region. 

For the more adventurous, sailing trips on a historic Dhow are available in Inhambane. These visit nearby towns and gives visitors a feel of how the Arab traders of old plied their trade off the East African coastline. 

Bird Watching 

Mozambique has a rich and diverse range of avian fauna to keep the most avid bird watchers content. Our location provides a diverse range of ecosystems that is sure to have you leaving with tick marks against a number of rare and exotic types. 

Hiking and Walking 

The tranquil beaches and unspoilt wilderness surrounding the report offers hikers an opportunity to stretch their legs or why not visit some of the local villages instead? 

4×4 Activities 

The countryside offers ample opportunities to test your 4×4 skills against the natural obstacles of the landscape.